Single number address sign idea for modern front door style

Address Sign Ideas for a Single Number Address

Do you have a single digit address? 

We often hear from our customers with a single number address that they wished they could do something pretty with it but they only have a single number. A single number for a street address just seems so boring.

Do you wish for a way to have a pretty or modern address sign for a single number?

We think that the single digit addresses have a unique style opportunity.


Address sign ideas that we think are fabulous:


Large house numbers for a Single number address sign idea for modern style

Choose a large size.

Size interprets as importance. So if you have room - go for the larger number.


 Single number address sign idea for modern style


Add the No. letters for immediate curb appeal. 

This is our favorite way to bring attention to the single digit address. Instant attraction.


 Add style to a single number address with an address plaque


Make an address plaque.

 Address plaques are great because they are another way to bring both size and attention. Here they did the No letters and the plaque


 Spell out the Single number address with house letters for modern exterior style


Spell it out.

It's easy to give your single number more digits just by spelling it out. Automatically gives your address a much bigger presence.


All numbers shown are THIN MODERN house numbers. Find them here.




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