House number sign ideas for front yard landscaping

7 Address Sign Ideas that are NOT on the House

Here is how to make your address sign one of a kind and easy to spot.

After all that hard work and saving for your new home or exterior renovation, the last thing you want to do is put a screw hole into that new siding. We have some stylish and affordable options for you. Afterall – it’s these details that set your house apart from the neighbors.


1. Front yard address signs:

front yard landscaping ideas that include an address sign
 *Silver THIN MODERN 8" numbers shown

Endless possibilities for your personal style with wooden address signs. Coordinate with your house exterior in the front yard landscaping for a one of a kind house number sign. 


Light your address sign and make it easier for your guests to find your home at night.
 *THIN MODERN 12" numbers shown

These numbers are lit from below – making the address easy to find after dark. Lighted signs are high impact and low cost. There is no way someone could miss this address.


front yard address sign are perfect for customizing with sign letters
 *THIN MODERN 8" numbers and 5" letters shown

This is a crafty and easy DIY project that is easy to make as large or small as you like. Have some leftover boards from your deck or house trim? A sign this size doesn't take a lot of supplies to complete.

Take this chance to personalize your address sign with sign letters and spell out the numbers, street name or even family name. Perfect for cabins and lakefront cottages.


2. Turn the eyesore into a modern feature:

front yard landscaping ideas that hide the well or utility boxes that include an address sign
 *THIN MODERN 8" numbers shown

Nobody wants utility boxes or a well right in your front yard! Turn that eyesore into something attractive.  Just driving by this front yard, you would never know that the address sign is doing double duty and hides a well. 


3. Privacy Screen Design: 

front yard landscaping ideas that include a privacy wall and address sign
*THIN MODERN 12" numbers shown

Privacy screens are often an accent feature that are designed to attract your attention while hiding what is behind it. So it makes sense to put your address numbers where they are easily found. Whether you want a private patio space or merely hide the trash bins from street view, it can be a great place to fasten your new address numbers to.


4. Let Your Mailbox Do Double Duty

a mailbox is the perfect place to put your house number sign
 *THIN MODERN 5" numbers shown

Your mailbox is usually in your front yard, and it is very obvious to anyone looking at your house. Placing your house number on the mailbox makes sure there’s not a chance that anyone would miss it, and you can be sure your mail and deliveries won’t end up at the neighbors.


5. Start at the Gate:

Place your house number sign right at the gate
 *THIN MODERN 8" numbers shown

Make it easy for your guests or delivery services to find you. Place your address numbers on or right next to the gate. 


front yard landscaping ideas can include an address sign on the fence
 *White BOLD RETRO 8" numbers and 5 inch letters shown

Nobody wants to have to look over the fence to find the address. Your guests will know they are at the right place when they see this address!


6. Use a Rock

front yard landscaping ideas that include an house number sign on a rock
 *BOLD RETRO 8" numbers shown

Rocks are commonly used for bringing interest and detail to front yard landscaping. When using a rock for your address sign, take care that the house numbers are not hidden or covered by flowers or grasses. The rock should stand vertically and ensure the numbers are easily readable.


7. Bring it to the Street - Long Driveway Solutions:

house number signs for a long driveway don't have to be large or expensive. They can be a simple sign at the road.
 *THIN MODERN 5" numbers shown

This home is set quite a long way back from the street and it would be hard to get a large enough number that would be readable at this distance. A simple sign by the road solves this problem easily without being costly. You may even have leftover wood from your deck or accent trim.


Place your address sign at the end of your driveway
 *THIN MODERN 8" No letters and 12" numbers shown

If you want to make a statement by the side of the road, this large address sign ought to do it! A large pretty sign like this makes guests feel welcome before they even arrive at the house. Place it at the start of your driveway to make sure they find the right house.


Ready to order your address numbers? Each photo is linked to the house numbers used for that address sign. Or print out templates here first to double check the size is right for your space!


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