How Important are House Numbers?

How Important are House Numbers?

6 things you need to know.

House numbers are no longer just functional, they are a key factor in your home's exterior design. Address numbers are an inexpensive and interesting way to add to your home’s appeal and personal taste. Just don't forget to make sure yours meet the legal requirements for your location.  


1. House Number Legal Requirements 

Every city or HOA has legal requirements for displaying your address numbers. Check with your town office or council for the requirements for your area. A quick Google search for your cities address by-law may be all you need to do to find what is required where you live. 

Save yourself the surprise and check if your property may also need numbers visible from the back lane. 


 house number size recommendation for visibility and safety


2. Visible Address Numbers are crucial for Emergency Services 

Not being able to find you in an emergency is a scary thought. Your house number sign can make it so your home is easy to find from the street during the day or night. 

THIN MODERN house numbers for a easy to install address number sign

3. Delivery Drivers need clear house number signs. 

We want our dinner delivery to arrive fast and arrive hot. When the delivery driver finds the place easily - they will be much more likely to be cheerful which is a win for everybody. Nobody wants their parcels delayed, returned or even worse - left by the neighbors front door.

 Large modern house numbers for address number sign

4. Address Numbers are part of being a good host. 

Whether you have just moved or having guests down at Christmas, it is just as important for them to find your house easily also. Show your love to your family and friends with easy to read house numbers, especially if they arrive at night.

 Classic Modern house number signs


5. Did you think about home services?

The plumber, cleaning services and other home care services all need to be able to find your home. Bonus points go to homes with modern pretty house numbers. 

BOLD RETRO house numbers for a easy to install address number sign 

6. Are you courting potential buyers?

Whether you are starting a home based business or selling your collection on Kijiji or Craigslist, you will have much better success with easy to read address numbers.

Selling your home? Here's a realtor tip: Give your front door a little added curb appeal with modern house numbers to give potential buyers positive feel on their first viewing or open house. 

Roman Serif house numbers for an easy to read address sign


Thanks for being smart and safe and keeping your house numbers visible.

If you are unsure which size will fit in your space – download and print the house number template to test the size in your space before you buy. That way there are no size surprises when you receive your numbers. Templates available here.

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