7 ways to use address letters for more than just house number signs.

How to use Address Letters

Here are 7 ways to use letters for more than just house numbers.

Insider secret: LETTERCUT house letters are the same price as individual numbers. This is great for address signage as well as home decor. You can spell anything for budget friendly exterior renovation and interior design style.  


Spell out your House Number with letters.

This one gets extra points for exterior house design. Starting with the address number alone, there is CAPITAL LETTER, lowercase or use a mix of numbers and letters, depending on what looks pretty to you. Templates for letters are available in 5 inch and 8 inch sizes here. (Other sizes available on request.)

Spell your house number with capital letters.


Some people love the all lowercase style like this one:

Spell your house number with lowercase letters


Use address letters to spell your street name.

We don't see any reason to stop with just your number. 

spell your street name with house letters


Backyard patio and home decor.

Taking it to the backyard patio and pool. These letters are cut from a plastic aluminum composite so are durable in these exterior conditions. 

use house letters for backyard decor and spell POOL HOUSE


Business name and signage

This Mid Century Modern business used not only the house numbers but also the letters for their business sign. 

 MidCentury Modern business used LETTERCUT letters for their exterior business sign

Front Yard Name sign

Front yard landscaping just got personalized with letters. House letters make a family name sign an affordable DIY weekend project. 

 use house letters to spell your family name on a sign in your front yard landscaping


Interior Home Decor 

There is no limit to ways you can use letters in your home. From your studio, gallery wall, nursery to family room; address letters make it easy and affordable to spell whatever word you need.

 personalize your home and use house letters to spell your family name for home decor

Contact us here if you have more questions about using letters for your project. 


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