How to use a free installation template for fastening house numbers with adhesive

How to Use an Installation Template for Numbers that Fasten with Adhesive.

 Want the easy installation of adhesive but nervous about getting your address straight?

This tip will have you getting it perfect the first time. House Numbers that fasten with adhesive is an easy tool free DIY project when you know this simple little trick. 


1. Supplies needed:

You will need tape, scissors and a printed template to get your template ready.
Each template comes with suggested spacing and instructions as well as a easy print guide so you don't need to print all the pages, just the pages you need.

Find your free house number installation template here


2. Assemble your template.

Follow the instructions on the template and tape your pages together.

Be sure to test it in place to make sure you are happy with spacing. We like to tape it into place and then step back and look at it from the street. Then we suggest running a strip of masking tape or stronger tape across all pages. This helps keep your template straight. The template tends to sag or ripple when you have a whole row of numbers or letters in your template and this helps keep it straight and strong.

Now you are ready to install your house numbers that fasten with screws and standoffs or spacers. You can check out this post for more information about fastening with screws and spacers. 


Now for the trick with adhesive fastening. 

3. Cut away the top portion of the house number template. 

Then cut away the number image. This will expose the siding so that you can still use the template for alignment AND fasten your numbers securely to your siding. 

Another option is to leave the template whole and just cut out the complete number shape. I'm too impatient for that and wanted a faster and easier way. 



This photo is showing the numbers sitting nice and straight in the number space that I cut out. 


 Vertical house number template prepared for address numbers fastened with adhesive.

This photo shows what a vertical house number template looks like. For vertical address number installations you cut away either the left or the right side of the template away. 


Get the right size and style the first time. 

Templates are great for testing size and appearance before you order your house numbers. Sometimes I think I know what I want, then I tape up a template and realize I don't like it after all or it's the wrong size or style. Download and test styles and sizes until you know exactly what you want!

Get your template here. 


Photos showing 5 inch THIN MODERN house numbers with peel and stick fastening. 
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